Dalit Couple Spreads Tunes of Tatvapada


Courtesy - The New Indian Express


MYSORE: “For singing Tatvapada, one needs to practise sathya, dharma and neeti. Otherwise it will not allow us to get a hold on it...”


This is the strong belief of Tamboori Javaraiah (76) and his wife Boramma (65) of Basaralu village in Mandya district whose Tatvapada CDs will be released at ‘Maaykararige Marvade’, a felicitation for folklorists, at Rangayana on Friday.

Javaraiah and Boramma from the  dalit community travel across the state singing Tatvapadas of Santa Shishunala Sharifa, Sankaracharya and Mahalinga Prabhu.


“People approach us for both auspicious and inauspicious functions. We sing the whole night with tamboori, a single stream instrument,” Javaraiah said.


“We accept whatever people give because we don’t want to sell our folklore. We tried to teach this art to students, but they did not evince interest. Now we are training our 23-year old granddaughter Sowmya to take this art to the next generation,” said Javaraiah.


“The CDs will be released for the first time and it will be a rare contribution to the folk world. Rangayana director Janardan took the couple to Lahari, an audio company, to record 22 of their songs,” sources said.


“We have age-related problems and are struggling to eke out a life after the untimely death of our two daughters. Our granddaughter is taking care of us and we want her to continue our tradition,” he said. Janardan said the couple have enthralled folk lovers for the past five decades.


Ekatari, a group of folk singers, would felicitate them at Vanaranga of Rangayana at 6 pm.


Devananda Varaprasad, a member of Ekatari, said they would also felicitate two other folk artistes — Kamsale Kumaraswamy and Marisiddamma.



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