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About DalitCry.org

Dalit Cry Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Belgaum Karnataka State, India. The website DalitCry.org is the property of Dalit Cry Foundation.

Dalitcry.org has been created for the purpose of taking affirmative action with regards to improving the plight of approximately 170 Dalits in India.


The website DalitCry.org strives to provide you with the latest news, information and plight of the Dalits in India. This includes the latest top media news stories from the days newspapers. It also includes articles, special reports and commentaries by accomplished Dalit writers and journalists.


The site will also provide information of the various affirmative actions taken on behalf of the Dalits by Dalits themselves, civil society and by Dalit Cry.


Being a non-profit enterprise, this website is funded by the contributions by civil society members who are concerned about the plight of the Dalits in India. Therefore, your contributions are most welcome. To donate to this website or to the efforts of Dalit Cry, please mail us at: info@dalitcry.org.


Great care has been taken while selecting the approriate news headlines source from among the various sources before featuring it in any section of this site.

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