How India's education system is breaking the country
Education-seeking migration has become a matter of pride for families and those who are left behind are considered the least civilised or capable. A very common family phenomenon of the hills is one old pensioner from the Army supporting the entire joint family, bringing all the grandchildren of the household to nearby towns for English and private education, while the parents of the children struggle to revive the defunct agriculture at villages.

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one step at a time towards dalit emancipation

Our Mission

  • - To create awareness of ‘plight of Dalits’ worldwide on humanitarian basis. We feel the greatest human right violation that has been perpetuated on the Dalits for hundreds of years needs to remedied. How can the world close its eyes when 230 million (nearly 25% of total Indian population) suffer apartheid, racial discrimination, humiliation and subject to abject poverty and in human treatment? Why?

  • - To seek help and assistance from within and without.

  • - Campaign and lobby that affirmative action is taken with regards to improving the plight of Dalits in India through civic societies, human right organisations, political leadership in India and other world bodies that can be instrumental in affecting a change in the plight of hapless Dalits

  • - To create awareness and educate Dalits themselves to stand up for their fundamental rights as citizens of India.

  • - To coordinate and liaise with other Dalit organisations to create a more powerful lobby to improve the lot of Dalits

  • - Carry out research with assistance from writers , journalists, academics , politicians and activists to evolve strategies to address the Dalit problems

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